Episode 93

EP 93: International Perspectives on Access to Genetic Testing in ALS


January 24th, 2023

41 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

Access to genetic testing for patients with genetic diseases, such as ALS, can vary dramatically based on country and postcode.

For an ALS patient considering genetic testing in Canada, the reality of their federally-funded healthcare system is a far cry from the general perception.

In the US, genetic testing access and cost varies widely between community healthcare settings, and academic research centers.

And in the UK, accessibility to genetic testing can be a simple matter of geography.

In this webinar, Paul Wicks leads the discussion with Professor Ammar Al-Chalabi, Dr Patrick Short and Kristina Salmon on international perspectives on genetic testing for ALS. The lessons from this discussion apply not just to ALS, but the hundreds of other rare and common genetic diseases where access to genetic testing is a challenge for patients, healthcare providers, and researchers.