Episode 35

EP 35: 8 weeks in - what it’s like to have COVID-19 with Adelina Chalmers


May 13th, 2020

39 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

This week we talk about COVID19 and what it’s really like to have the virus. Talking to Adelina Chalmers, who first started experiencing symptoms 8 weeks ago - and was admitted to the hospital 6 weeks ago - talks about how it has been mis-sold as being just like the flu.

Adelina is a podcaster and runs a consultancy called ‘The Geek Whisperer’ which helps engineers and their managers communicate with each other. Going through day by day symptoms, Adelina tells us how symptoms are non linear, and how it got worse just as it seemed like she was getting better.

This episode has great tips, including the importance of recording your symptoms if you start getting sick, because the more data you can give healthcare professionals, the better you can help them guide decision-making.

Link mentioned in the Episode about Paul Garner’s experience: https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2020/05/05/paul-garner-people-who-have-a-more-protracted-illness-need-help-to-understand-and-cope-with-the-constantly-shifting-bizarre-symptoms/